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Developed and clinically proven to reduce chronic joint pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, sam® is the only FDA cleared long duration home use ultrasound device.

Joint Arthritis Pain Treatment with sam®: In a clinical research study on sam® long duration continuous ultrasound treatment for knee osteoarthritis, patients experienced a 52% pain reduction and 20% improvement in joint function, which were statistically significant (p<0.05). (Langer, 2014). In another placebo-controlled study on arthritis pain, sam® long duration continuous ultrasound treatment reduced joint pain by 2.5 points (48%) over six weeks of treatment which was statistically significant over the placebo 1.23 point decrease (p<0.03). (Langer, 2015). In a third double-blind placebo controlled clinical study on sam® for joint arthritis pain, patients had significant 1.96 point (40%) pain reduction for active (p<0.0001) vs. 0.85 point reduction for placebo treatment (p<0.13). Active sam® treatment patients also had significant improvement in pain, stiffness and function on the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) scale compared with placebo (500 vs. 311 respectively, p<0.02). Rotational strength of the treated knee was increased by 3.2N, p=0.03) in the active treatment group. (Draper, 2018). A recent 2019 systematic review and meta-analysis on therapeutic ultrasound diathermy for knee osteoarthritis included 15 studies. The results demonstrated that therapeutic ultrasound significantly relieved pain (p<0.00001) and reduced the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) physical function score (p=0.03). In addition, therapeutic ultrasound increased the active range of motion (p<0.00001) and reduced the Lequesne index (p<0.00001). The authors concluded that therapeutic ultrasound is a safe treatment to relieve pain and improve physical function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. (Wu, 2019).

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Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment with sam®: A double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial of a self-applied sam® long duration ultrasound device was compared to placebo for trapezius myofascial pain over 10 treatment sessions. Active sam® treatment demonstrated a significant 190% reduction in pain and 158% improvement in health compared to placebo after only 1-hour of treatment (p<0.05) (Lewis, 2013). An additional double-blind placebo controlled study on sam® for trapezius myofascial pain was completed. Patients treated with active therapy observed a significant mean pain reduction from baseline of 2.61-points for active (p<0.001), compared to 1.58-points reduction from baseline for placebo (p=0.087), resulting in a significant 1.03-point greater decrease in active over placebo (p=0.003). Overall health quality score was significantly higher in the active group at 2.84 points compared to the placebo group at 0.46 points (p<0.001). (Patterson, 2020). Two recent 60 and 54 subject placebo-controlled studies on therapeutic ultrasound diathermy for trapezius myofascial pain demonstrated significant reduction in pain for active continuous ultrasound, respectively. The authors concluded that therapeutic ultrasound is an effective treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, and continuous therapy is the most effective. (Ilter, 2015), (Yildirim, 2018). A systematic review and meta-analysis (1966-2016) on therapeutic ultrasound including 10 studies and 428 subjects demonstrated that therapeutic ultrasound significantly reduced pain intensity and increased pain threshold. (Xia, 2017).

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