Manamed PlasmaFlow™

The PlasmaFlow™ is intended to be an easy-to-use sequential compression system prescribed by a physician, for use in the home or clinical setting to help prevent the onset of DVT in patients by stimulating blood flow in the extremities by simulating muscle contractions. This device is used to aid in preventing DVT by enhancing blood circulation, diminishing post-operative pain and swelling, and enhancing wound healing.

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery. Up to 10 hours of use on one charge
  • 2 Modes: Continuous inflation and Step-Up inflation technology which allows the unit to increase pressure in slower increments to 55mmHG
  • 2 LCD screens to monitor usage and pressure
  • Portable, lightweight, and tubeless


If you are interested in purchasing this product or would like more information, please contact us and a representative will be in touch with you. Thank you!


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